March, 2017

Nottingham and UK Education and Management Trainer – Louise Harby-Greaves 

“Helping and supporting people in their careers, making a difference and seeing my learners develop is what drives me to produce high quality training and bring out the best in people.”

Training Provider Nottingham Mansfield Management Apprentice Louise Harby LHG Training“I teach TAQA programmes for individuals new to assessing and develop those key skills further by delivering Education and Training qualifications from levels 3 to 5. This gives me enormous pleasure to work with like-minded people, who also want to work in the education sector and help others reach their full potential.”

My other passions in further education are the ILM programmes in Leadership and Management. I provide these programmes from level 2-5, for new and aspiring managers, to senior level managers looking to develop their existing skills sets. These programmes offer a range of options for businesses and individuals alike, including soft skills such as negotiating, managing conflict, confidence building and managing stress to learning key management theories, implementing change, driving innovation and effectively leading teams.

Additionally, with over a decade specifically in the education sector, I can honestly say I love it now more than I ever have done.

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