Management and Education Training throughout Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands

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With over a decade of experience working within the further education sector, we understand the importance of training and development within businesses.

Team motivation, retention, productivity and effectiveness are statistically improved when the right training is implemented. At LHG Training, we know first hand that investing in your team’s development works in driving your business forward.


The key to our business success is building honest and effective relationships with businesses to ensure the right training and development routes are selected. We work with you to meet the exact needs of your business as well as the individual needs of your team.


We offer a range of qualifications and training programmes designed to meet your specific requirements.  Our priority is to improve performance and achieve visible results through our bespoke, high quality training services.

LHG Training offer workshops and accredited qualifications in Education & Training, Leadership and Management and Customer Service.


LHG Training believes in honest, quality training.  Training can’t and won’t be effective if the right pathway hasn’t been chosen.  That’s why we work so closely with your business, to understand your core needs and those who work within it.  We will deliver what you need, and when you need it.

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